Elements of a Business Plan

  • The Faces Running the Business
    • Leaders and Employees
    • Front and Back Office
  • Profile of the Business
    • Products and Services
    • Market and Competition
    • Strengths and Vulnerabilities/Risks
  • Context of the Business
    • Regulatory Envirnoment
    • Response to External Factors
  • Risks and Rewards
  • Financials
    • Revenues and Profits
    • Operational Costs
    • Exit Strategy

Having a business plan is necessary to start any new venture. It provides information about the business focused on (1) the What, (2) the Why, and (3) the How. The plan needs to show how the business will get from point A today to point B tomorrow. It needs to articulate why you are the right person to lead your business. It needs to demonstrate how the investors will recover their money. This is where we come in - help us help you with your business plan development needs. We will help you generate the executive summary, the business description, the marketing plan, the design and development plan, operations and management plan, and financial factors.

First Ask Why