Our Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare and the environment. Our aim is to achieve this by partnering with companies and organizations that share the same passion. By providing product development, program management, and risk management services, we help companies define and achieve their road map to commercialization.

Our Story

Our Story

Healthcare and environmental products and services can take time to develop. In their pursuit to make a difference, many companies often fail. In the past twenty years of developing products and services, we have seen risks turn into issues, issues turn into failures, and failures turn into shattered dreams. Now, we would like to help others not to make the same mistakes we made. It is said that one learns from their failures. But failures only happen when they are experienced. We have that experience. By partnering with us, we can save you from the agony of shattered dreams. We will walk you through the product development road map, identify the tools and key performance indicators to monitor the quality of the product and the status of the project, and identify the risks that need to be addressed at each phase of the project to ensure a success story.

Meet the Team


Nadeem Tusneem


Nadeem Tusneem has twenty years of experience in the genomics and molecular diagnostics industry taking research use only and regulated products and services from concept to commercialization. He joined Beckman Coulter, a Danaher company, in 2004 where he was responsible for leading the development of products and services using molecular tools, program management methodologies, risk management, and Danaher Business System (DBS) tools. He played lead roles as program manager and R&D leader in development of IVD products for detection and quantification of infectious disease and RUO products and services for Sanger and Next Generation DNA Sequencing. Previously, he was at Myriad Genetics from 1997 to 2004, where he led the development of laboratory developed tests for detection of cancer and sequencing of the rice genome project. He has a Bachelor's degree from University of California - Riverside and a double master's degree from UC Riverside and UC Los Angeles.

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