Product Development

Let us help you with your product development process and documentation. Our expertise is in developing business plans, product development plans, product development documentation, design controls, and FDA 21 CFR part 820 regulations.

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Program Management

Allow us to partner with you on your program management needs to help drive your product development efforts to commercialize on time. Using visual project management methods and key performance indicators, you will be able to mitigate risks before they become issues.

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Risk Management

Projects fail and products do not get commercialized for two reasons: (1) there is a fear of taking risk or (2) when risk is taken, it is not managed. Let us help you with your risk management needs to ensure your business is successful.

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Since 1993

Challenges in Commercialization of Products and Services

Of seven product ideas, only one will yield a successful product. Products and services fail for several reasons. Top on the list is the lack of understanding of the voice of the customer. Customer wanted Product A. Company built Product B. Next on the list is the lack of understanding of design requirements needed to develop a product that will consistently address customer needs. And finally, products do not get commercialized because the product was late to market or the funds ran out.

Failure rates of new products is likely between 35 and 50%. This is where we come in. In our 20 years of experience, we have seen the issues that product development projects face. We have learnt from them and have developed a product development strategy that will help you successfully over come challenges that both new and seasoned entrepreneurs face during product development.

Our product development process makes use of understanding the voice of the customer, understanding key design requirements, identifying key performance indicators to monitor during the product development process, developing a fail fast risk management profile, and incorporating visual program management techniques.

We believe in a vision of a world where healthcare and environment are continuously improving. If you share the same vision, allow us to partner with you so that together we can sow the seeds for a better future tomorrow.

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